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 nathanael abberline / harkwood

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Nathanael Abberline

Nathanael Abberline
Messages : 6
Date d'inscription : 20/11/2016
Univers : teen wolf / wagtanb / lots

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nathanael abberline / harkwood Empty
MessageSujet: nathanael abberline / harkwood   nathanael abberline / harkwood EmptyLun 8 Mai - 21:23


NAME: Nathanael Abberline (Aleksy Stilinski)
AGE: 23 years old // 19 for teen wolf
RACE: Sorcerer (inspired by Wicca)
ABILITIES: Control of the elements through incantations. His element is fire, he connected with it first.
SEXUALITY: Pansexual, he never learnt to love bodies, but minds. CHARACTERISTICS: unfaithful, sarcastic, trickster, rational, subtle, manipulative, good speaker, impulsive, suceptible, touchy, sensitive, umbrageous, short-tempered.


Two. Two were growing inside of her and she couldn’t be HAPPIER. Her hands caressed her belly with that tenderness only a mother can have. She can sense her husband’s happiness when he squeezes her shoulder and puts a kiss on her cheek, from behind. TWO. Two boys, identical twins that were made of one egg. Her future kids that she already LOVES like she never did love anyone. She gave them polish names to go along with their last name and she loved them. Oh she loved them SO VERY MUCH. For two years, the four of them lived an HAPPY and normal life. Until this day that she would never forget until her last DYING breathe.

Her parents had to take them both to the zoo, but one was sick so he stayed home with her. The other went away, away from her and forever. A car crash separated a mother, a father and a brother from him. His grandparents died, the car was on FIRE, but he survived. Aleksy didn’t die, the fire burnt around him but never actually TOUCHED him. Some are born with abilities, others have to get them. He was born with magic inside him and got to stay ALIVE.

An old woman found him before the cops arrived, she took him, understood what he was, sensed the magic controlling that fire and TOOK HIM. She couldn’t leave him alone there, she couldn’t let the cops wonder why he wasn’t dead, she couldn’t let the doctors trying to understand. She had to SAVE HIM, that poor little boy. This is how Aleksy became NATHANAEL. That old lady locked his magic inside him, she COULDN’T keep him, obviously, so she tried to do her best to save him. She took care of him, it took her two weeks before she finally decided to give him away. She let him at an ORPHANAGE without anything. Not a word, not even a name.

A couple adopted him a few days later and called him nathanael. A gift from god for a couple who couldn’t have kids and was trying to adopt an american kid for years. He was a true gift, too old to be wanted by anyone but them. And they gave him their last name. aleksy stilinski became NATHANAEL ABBERLINE in less than a month. They were good parents for him but Nathanael always felt like something was MISSING. like an itch at the back of his head, like an empty shelf in his brain. When he was 5, they moved to the UK. He quickly got the british accent and their words, their culture. He grew up like a complete normal teenage boy, his magic was sleeping underneath his skin. He wasn’t aware of it. The woman who found him when he was two put a complicated spell on him, she only wanted to protect this child but all she did was slowly driving him INSANE. He felt like he heard voices in his head and he just kept asking his parents to go back to the US. He felt drawn to the country and to beacon hills especially. Where his ROOTS were still waiting for him to come back. He was nine (believed to be nine, no one knew on which day he was born) when he felt SICK FOR MONTHS. It didn’t leave him until the release and that feeling of something that was missing became louder. That’s when Nathanael began to ask questions and understood he was AN ADOPTED CHILD.

He came back in the US a few weeks ago when his mother DIED. He doesn’t know anyone there. He doesn’t know his biological family lives where he lives and he doesn’t know his biological mother DIED TOO, a lot earlier, actually at the exact same time he felt so sick for months. He doesn’t know about the supernatural things, he doesn’t even know he is one. He doesn’t know he has a twin brother who runs with wolves. (And if he met him, he doesn’t like him even though he feels drawn to him even harder than what he felt when he was in the UK).

He has to be with his brother to be more POWERFUL, his magic is linked to Stiles, Nathanael got most of this magic, he was born with it but it was supposed to be for one person only and they were two. He also is SUPPOSED TO USE IT, to be aware of it, his kind his the one who maintains balance with the mother. He has to pledge to Her, he is linked to Her but the spell the lady put on him when he was 2 is very strong. His magic is BURNING HIS BLOOD and MESSING WITH HIS BRAIN. He has nightmares, he wakes up at night and go in the woods to worship the Goddess and then he wakes up in the middle of nowhere, with no memories of what happened. And it happens MORE AND MORE, sometimes during the day. It’s his magic getting STRONGER, he has to find a way to let it go out, he has to control it, but he’s not even aware of it. Nathanael only thinks he’s going insane, but he won’t go to Eichen House, he’d rather die. OR KILL.
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nathanael abberline / harkwood

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